Government To Sign Off On New Plans Around ATM Coverage

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Cabinet is also due to look at plans requiring supermarkets and pharmacies to keep accepting cash.

The government is due to sign-off on plans enforcing a certain number of ATMs per 100,000 people and within 10km of where they live.

Its hoped the plans will make sure rural and older communities won't be marginalized in a future society.

Most recent figures from the CSO show there are 42 financial service institutions per 100,000 people in the midlands.

Also included in today's proposals are plans requiring supermarkets, newsagents and pharmacies to keep accepting physical money.

Longford Westmeath Fianna Fáil TD Joe Flaherty says there will always be people who prefer to deal in cash:

As of yet, the move hasn't been met with any backlash.

In fact, quite the opposite.

Many retailers don't want to limit themselves to one or the other.

Especially as things like phone coverage, or internet and power outages can leave them stuck.

It's essential for pharmacies to offer cash options to customers, according to a midlands pharmacist.

Eamonn Brady from Whelehan's Pharmacy in Mullingar, says keeping cash "is needed," with a large proportion of their customer base being older people.

He says he's in favour of the legislation:

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