Midlands Homelessness Figures See A Slight Reduction

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There's been a fall in the national figure too.

The number of people registered as homeless in the midlands fell slightly in December.

Figures from the Department of Housing has found 209 people accessed emergency accommodation at the end of 2023, down from 219 in November.

151 adults were without permanent accommodation in the midlands in December, which is a reduction of four on the month prior.

The figure of 68 in Westmeath makes it the largest number in the region, and the same as the total in November.

Offaly has seen an increase of two, with a total of 55, while Laois is the only county in the region to see a reduction, down from 32 to 28.

However, the number of children who accessed emergency accommodation in December, 58, is a drop of seven when compared to the month prior.

Nationally, 13,318 people were homeless at the end of last year, which is a reduction of nearly 200 on November figures.

That figure includes just under 4,000.

Housing Minister Darragh O' Brien says "there continues to be immense pressure on our homelessness services, and supply of housing and accommodation – social, affordable and private - remains the ultimate solution to addressing the challenge in the longer term."

He also says homelessness is a very complex challenge, but the numbers are "going in a direction that we as a society want and there is no lack of resolve or money to sustain this momentum and ultimately reduce the numbers entering homelessness."

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