Family Carers Ireland Slams State's Unfulfilled Promises

The State failed to make substantial progress on 15 of 18 commitments to carers.

An evaluation of the Government has been published on their progress on fulfilling their commitments towards family carers. 

The Family Carers Scorecard reveals that since the launch of the initiative in 2020, there has been limited or no progress.

Catherine Cox Head of Communications with Family Carers Ireland in Tullamore says there were 18 commitments promised by Government:

There's still time for the Government to make good on its commitments to family carers.

That's according to Family Carers Ireland.

Among the 18 commitments, progress was made on just three, while the remaining 15 have seen no movement, while some have even went backwards.

Ms. Cox, says some of the promises can be moved on quickly:

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