Laois Man Claims €500k Lotto Prize

A Laois man is thrilled following the collection of his top prize today.

A Laois man is celebrating in Lotto HQ after claiming a €500,000 top prize.

Kieran Doheny won the EuroMillions Plus top prize in the 14th May draw.

He purchased his winning ticket at the Daybreak store in Borris-in-Ossary and collected his prize today.

Kieran says, 'As soon as I got in the door, I rang my sister who was on holiday in America at the time. I wasn’t even thinking of the time difference as it was 4am for her! She certainly wasn’t expecting a call from me at that time, especially with news like that. I think it probably took her a while to believe me but then as if by perfect timing, a message came into the family Whatsapp group saying that someone in Borris-in-Ossary won big in the draw the night before. Local radio were talking about the shop where the ticket was sold so I suppose everyone was getting excited about a local win. I replied immediately by saying It’s me who won the €500,000. I had to go back into convincing mode then for the rest of them and eventually they all believed me.'

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