2024 Offaly Local Elections Day Three

Live coverage from the count centre in Mucklagh

The request for a full recount was honoured and the count will recommence at 2pm tomorrow.

No candidate reached the quota in Birr's twelfth count, Clare Claffey was set to be eliminated.

She called for a recount via representative.

There are 27 votes between the Social Democrat Councillor and Sean Maher.


Hugh Eegan of Fine Gael was elected in Birr's 11th count.

The Fine Gael candidate said he can't thank the team around him enough:

At 8.39pm, Fianna Fail candidate Barbara Daly was eliminated by Birr’s tenth count.

Her 1,047 votes were redistributed amongst the remaining four candidates.


Again, the ninth count saw no one elected.

Independent candidate Johnathan O'Meara was eliminated.

There were no elections in Birr's eighth count.

Independent candidate Mike Boylan was eliminated, and his 645 votes were distributed. 

The seventh count eliminated independent candidate Mike Boylan, whose 645 votes will now be distributed between the remaining six candidates.. 

The nearest candidate to the quota, Fine Gael's Hugh Egan is still 405 votes away. He is not calling anything yet.

The nearest candidate to the quota, Fine Gael's Hugh Egan, was still 405 votes away.

He didn’t want to call anything yet.



Half of the seats in Birr had now been filled.

The council thus far is:

John Clendennen (FG)

John Leahy (IND)

Peter Ormond (FF)

At 3pm, Birr's sixth count saw John Clendennen of Fine Gael deemed elected, and Martin Buckley eliminated.



After checking that the misplaced packages do not interfere with the results of any previous count, the Birr count continued.

At 1.00pm, Returning Officer Monica Clearly spoke with candidates regarding Deegan's votes.

After counting Deegan's votes from the start, it was confirmed that 426 was the correct number of votes to be distributed.

The Returning Officer Monica Cleary explained this to candidates and gave them a short break to confirm how they wish to proceed. 

Fine Gael's John Clandennan needed just 5 votes to hit quota and be deemed elected, but party colleague Hugh Eegan, who was still in contention for a seat, says the position of other candidates is going to make the day ‘very interesting.’

The packages were unsealed at 10.40am after count was adjourned last night during the transfer of Deegan's 426 votes, due to a misplaced package.

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