Taoiseach Announces Raft Of New Measures To Take Effect This Week

One midlands nightclub will be opening at 7pm this Friday in response.

The Taoiseach has said everyone should now work from home unless it's absolutely necessary.

Micheál Martin has confirmed premises, including bars, restaurants and nightclubs, will have a new closing time of midnight from Thursday. 

All household close contacts will have to restrict their movements for five days and do antigen testing under new rules announced tonight.

Micheál Martin confirmed a booster campaign for all over 50s and under 60s with an underlying condition will now be rolled out. 

In a State of the Nation address, the Taoiseach says action needs to be taken now to deal with the surge in cases and the impact on the health service:

Meanwhile one midlands nightclub owner is adapting to the restrictions by opening his venue at 7 in the evening. 

Dave Power from Coppers in Portlaoise is confident that patrons will readjust to the situation:

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